Gusto (about the designer)

In her current and future architecture + design endeavors, Meghan seeks to provide dwelling space that is responsible with materials and resources, while promoting social justice, well-being, and continues to re-define design excellence within its unique context.

once i lived in sf

Meghan is a recent Master of Architecture graduate from the University of Cincinnati.  She is interested in a spectrum of creative fields and how they intersect to create vibrant cultural expressions.  This is manifested in

  • her exposure to alternative building styles in the Southwest U.S. while interning in Taos, New Mexico;
  • several service trips to Mexico to build dwellings for local population members;
  • a study abroad in Europe studying classic architecture and planning;
  • her architecture thesis explored the intersection of nutrition, culture, and dwelling;
  • and most recently, her internship in New Dehli, India to assist the design of a school and children’s home with EMI (more on that here).

Academic Design Projects

  • Public Community Library
  • Multi-family housing
  • Re-imagining the suburbs (Green Hills, Ohio)
  • Buddhist monastery + retreat center
  • Urban planning while studying abroad in Istanbul, Turkey + Alghero, Italy
  • Wellness Center
  • Revitalizing Union Terminal (urban planning studio)
  • Living City Design Competition – team entry
  • Elementary school of the 21st century
  • Master of Architecture Thesis – “Earth, Food, and Building: Values in Nourishment & Spatial Experience”

Continuing research and explorations

  • public interest design
  • humanitarian design
  • social justice
  • phenomenology
  • natural building methods
  • hybrid and alternative building methods
  • global systems, networks, + trends
  • fashion design
  • photography

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