Youngstown – S [M] L XL – Urban Decay

Youngstown is located in the Rust Belt.  There is an effort by a few to bring vibrancy to the community, some more effort by those seeking to help the hurting here and now.  Much more research can be done on my part to learn what can be done to make it once again a thriving community –  the expectations and identity need to change, then more public space, influence, and advocacy.

Here is a taste of the disrepair we have fallen victim to, commonly known as urban blight or urban decay.

ytown m_fostering presence-16ytown m_fostering presence-16-2ytown m_fostering presence-15


ytown m_fostering presence-12
captured by Graig.

ytown m_fostering presence-14 ytown m_fostering presence-11 ytown m_fostering presence-10 ytown m_fostering presence-9 ytown m_fostering presence-8 ytown m_fostering presence-7 ytown m_fostering presence-6 ytown m_fostering presence-5 ytown m_fostering presence-4 ytown m_fostering presence-3 ytown m_fostering presence-2 ytown m_fostering presence-1a big thanks to Mr. Graig Graziosi for his help and company with this photo shoot.


Author: Meg C

Meghan is a recent Master of Architecture graduate from the University of Cincinnati. She is interested in all aspects of sustainability, finding the most pertinent ways it relates to the built environment including social justice in terms of material choice, implementation, and life-cycle. While pragmatic concerns are ever-present, she constantly explores the inexplicable beauty to be found in the intersection of order and the poetics of space.

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