Resumé what? Distinction within a tough job market in architecture.

Architecture shines as the top unemployed profession for 2012, estimated at just under 14%.

Sure, there are reasons for this within the industry, without, globally, and historically.

But as part of that 14%, a recent graduate with all of the world to aspire to, why is the only worth my future employers can see abbreviated to a single page, my beloved resumé?

That single page is critiqued, being too formal for some, too playful for others.  What kind of job are looking for, anyway?  What are you ambitions?  What can you do for us?

I recently applied to a dream job – public work, great city, respected firm – along with 500 others.  While I am proud of building up experience, tools, and education, what really distinguishes mine from, say, the other hundreds – thousands – of junior architects seeking a position?

My story, my distinction, and my prospects as a successful designer cannot be contained in this page.  Neither can yours.

A current effort, besides “just plugging away, you’ll find something,” is my alternative resumé.  In it I have expressed my goals, ambitions, beliefs, fun facts, and “non-architectural” accomplishments that help define who I am now, and what I hope to become.

Check it out here:

Meghan’s alternative resumé

My passion is a better world for all and design is my tool.

If you have an alternative resumé you would like to share, I would be happy to post it.  Just send the link or file to the e-mail address in the ‘Show Your Project’ tab above.


Author: Meg C

Meghan is a recent Master of Architecture graduate from the University of Cincinnati. She is interested in all aspects of sustainability, finding the most pertinent ways it relates to the built environment including social justice in terms of material choice, implementation, and life-cycle. While pragmatic concerns are ever-present, she constantly explores the inexplicable beauty to be found in the intersection of order and the poetics of space.

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