I wanted to test out the new dirt my friend and I collected as well as the light penetration studies I hoped to implement.  The light effects are super cool, and the dirt is surprisingly sandy – as in, not native Cincinnati dirt, which is more clay than anything.  I may need to do more mixing, but I need more dirt anyway so maybe the two sources will even out.  I received an email from my craigslist ad weeks ago asking for dirt.  I like when aspirations seem to align like that!

Here are some photos from my first sample endeavors.

fyi diymeasurements for walers + spacersit is beautiful.

sweet effect

Author: Meg C

Meghan is a recent Master of Architecture graduate from the University of Cincinnati. She is interested in all aspects of sustainability, finding the most pertinent ways it relates to the built environment including social justice in terms of material choice, implementation, and life-cycle. While pragmatic concerns are ever-present, she constantly explores the inexplicable beauty to be found in the intersection of order and the poetics of space.

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