rammed earth ii

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This day, after finding out where my project was to be located, I got to work laying out the dimensions for the foundation slab.  It is nice how resources, people, and information can all come together precisely when I need it.  I was under the impression that, especially being in California where there are seismic conditions, that I would need to use a concrete slab, and possibly add rebar. 

I spoke with several people and found out that for the scope of my project and its proportions this wouldn’t be necessary.  This is definitely to my advantage because, though I’ve mixed concrete by hand on a service trip in Mexico once, that was more than enough (I recall the maestro requesting bringing in his own team to finish that slab, while we went to the beach… everybody wins).

So, I got to work laying out the foundation with extra string I had, and sharpened sticks.  I often recalled Walden, but decided that even in the wilderness Thoraeu probably was a little better equipped.


Author: Meg C

Meghan is a recent Master of Architecture graduate from the University of Cincinnati. She is interested in all aspects of sustainability, finding the most pertinent ways it relates to the built environment including social justice in terms of material choice, implementation, and life-cycle. While pragmatic concerns are ever-present, she constantly explores the inexplicable beauty to be found in the intersection of order and the poetics of space.

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