let me introduce myself


I am student at the University of Cincinnati getting my Master of Architecture degree this year.  Since I was a freshman in college I have been interested in the use and implementation of natural and earth materials in architecture and design.  I see problems in the way our standardized building and design approach has affected all involved, from the users, who end up with a detached feeling of place; the environment, which suffers with improper material extraction and excessive energy use in the building’s lifespan, and the builder’s exposure to hazardous material and lack of opportunity for unique craft.

While I have learned a bit about different types of natural building, including Earthships, adobe, cob, and straw bale, I am most recently interested in exploring the experiential qualities of rammed earth, as it relates to me, the designer and builder, as well as the user.

I hope to use this blog to record progress in my current project located near my current ‘home base,’ san francisco, california, as well as share resources of people, websites, and photos that may be of assistance to others seeking this way of building.


Author: Meg C

Meghan is a recent Master of Architecture graduate from the University of Cincinnati. She is interested in all aspects of sustainability, finding the most pertinent ways it relates to the built environment including social justice in terms of material choice, implementation, and life-cycle. While pragmatic concerns are ever-present, she constantly explores the inexplicable beauty to be found in the intersection of order and the poetics of space.

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